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To make Car Sale profitable, being knowledgeable about cars will not be enough. Successful inventory, stuff and other recourse management and attracting new clients is vital for dealership business. W3S car sale management system as an ERP (enterprise resource planning) system ensures all automotive business process management from one software.

The benefits of our W3S Car Sale Management System include:

  • Improves sales forecasting, based on real-time sales inputs
  • Improves stock visibility and inventories at dealerships
  • Increases revenues through higher number of converted opportunities and customer retention
  • Increases control for effective monitoring of the business and decision making
  • Complete ownership including maintenance, trainings, remote helpdesk and sustenance
  • Simplified your work load
  • Save your Time
  • Make your Future Decision with actual fact and reports
  • Access from any Location
  • Data Security
  • Employee Training
  • Technical support
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When car sale management system it is important to diagnose every-day business processes. Only after realizing organizations main requirements you can find a system most suitable for your business. W3S car sale management system is designed to answer the following questions:

Adjusted service packages allow job and item packages to be built and manual work to be reduced.
Storage of pictures or any other files although the system.
Integrated online solution that allows to manage B2B (Business-to-Business) and B2C (Business-to-Customer) relations. It includes central web data management from the dealer management system directly to your web page. Allows full web functionality.
W3S car sale management system an OEM system interface that saves time, avoids double data entry and limits user mistakes. Depending on the required integration, it can be included in W3S car sale management system standard modules. It can also be easily extended by using web-services technology. Reporting technology is made to easily filter system.
The built-in CRM (customer relationship management) system ensures a single contact database that is linked to financial data. Perform marketing and sales activities, control and analyze the results.

Vehicle self-cost management ensures integration between different departments and provides an atomized cost calculation process that limits user mistakes and manual work.
Purchase and management of external services ensures full control of the process.

The external service management module gives you analysis of external services by vendor, type of external service or profit / amount by period.
Point of sale (POS) integration that provides complete analysis of car dealer retail operations including data about the types of payments through the system.


Organize all your information in one flexible and easy-to-use software solution. Service history, inventory, fixed assets, employee information, and much more functionality in one platform.

Inventory In One Place

Our full featured and SEO vehicle inventory system enables customers to search your inventory across your group, meaning a better chance of capturing online customers.

Instant Reporting

W3S Car Sale Management System delivers data so that you can analyze your information quickly and accurately and make informed decisions based upon it.

Efficiency Tracking

Monitor the efficiency of your internal processes; measure the consistency of vehicles, vendors, pricing, delivery times, costs efficiency and much more.

Financial Data integration

W3S Car Sale Management System ensures all ERP (Enterprise resource planning) system advantages. It integrates all your fleet data and the company’s financial information into one system.

Employee Training

We do employee training for an organization’s success. Educates workers about the effective use of System, technology to Improves productivity and profitability.

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